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We celebrated the arrival of spring with a program on health and nutrition, titled: THE HATEFUL EIGHT: THE TRUE CAUSES OF AGING, chaired by Marcia Elias who introduced our speaker, Professor Emeritus Robert Lustig, UCSF Division of Endocrinology. Dr. Lustig talked about food choices and their effect on aging and diseases, in particular the unhealthy practice of the consumption of sugar and processed foods, which are in effect poisoning our bodies, mind and society in general.

We had a very big turn-out. The tables were decorated with nice floral bouquets, thank you Nancy Hagosian and Anna Bolechowski. The highlight of our decor was on a side table surrounded by books authored by our presenter, a beautiful edible sculpture of vegetables framed with herbs that was created by our artist Yen Bachmeier. Many thanks Yen, how can you find time?

The tea table was laden with a great variety of delectable foods. Thank you to the refreshment making team of Yen Bachmeier, Marcia Elias, Kathleen Fong, Saundra McCormick, Laura Outsen and Ingeborg. Event set up was done by Marcia and Yen and takedown was done by Marcia, Yen, Laura Outsen, Zaia Vera and to all who helped, many thanks.
Photos of this event can be viewed here.

Our parliamentarian Kathe Farrell posted the new slate of nominated officers to be elected to serve the Garden Club in the next fiscal year as follow: President: Ingeborg McGlynn, vice president: Donna Earhart, treasurer: Lina Pritchard, financial secretary: Yen Bachmeier, recording secretary: Zaia Vera, corresponding secretary: Marcia Elias, auditor: Marica Salma. Directors are: Anna Bolechowski, Kathe Farrell, Nancy Hagosian, Kimberly Kruse and Saundra McCormick. At the end of the business meeting, a short gardening to do list was given by Ingeborg.

Our April program will be a FAMSF docent presentation of GUO PEI: COUTURE FANTASY, a major exhibition at the Legion. Thank you Yen for making the announcement. Eva Monroe will be the chair. It promises to be an extravagant program. Please bring a friend to share this extraordinary experience.

Stay safe and healthy,

Ingeborg McGlynn

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, April 4     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Saundra McCormick
Monday, April 18     General meeting
    In the world of haute couture, Guo Pei is China’s premiere and
    most exciting and innovative couturière
    FAMSF major exhibition at the Legion of Honor
    Presenter: Maureen Fox, FAMSF docent
    Chaired by Eva Monroe
    Refreshments will be served.

Congratulations to our long time member Shirley Donahue on her incredible milestone of her life on March 27th. Happy 102nd Birthday Shirley!

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