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What a great program on Women's Health we had in January. Dr.Christian Thompson from USF, regaled and inspired all the participants at the meeting. He encouraged us to embrace the concept of seniors moving to better health and to visit website "" for more details on locations and exercise leaders. Diane Wara is coordinating with the Association for the Garden Club and Association members to form an exercise group. It will be held at the clubhouse, for which, according to insider information, there will be no charge.

Thank you Anna Bolechowski and Nancy Hagosian for decorating and setting up the tables with flowers for the January meeting. Thank you Yen Bachmeier for setting out the chairs. The throngs of sixty plus participants enjoyed an incredible tea produced by my wonderful team of Marcia Elias, Nancy Broden, Kathe Farrell, Eva Monroe, Angela Carnegie, Darlene Hartman, Sima Talai, Kathleen Fong and Ingeborg. Pouring coffee and tea nonstop was done by Angela, Dena, Nancy B. and Marcia. Thank you all for your help.

At the business meeting Yen Bachmeier gave a preview for our February program: "Mission Joy: The Hats of Kathleen Kelley". Kathleen's works have been exhibited at the de Young Museumís Holiday Artisan Fair, Bouquets to Art Trunk Show and ArtWear shows and as well at the Legion of Honor Museumís special and enormously successful exhibit, Degas and the Millinery Trade. Kathleen will bring us a display of her extraordinary hat collection to engage the audience in this time-honored art-form and will tell us in visual terms about her inspirations and how she works to infuse love and joy in to each piece of her creations. A hat or a fascinator is the most noticeable fashion item anyone can wear and Kathleen will show us how to wear our headpiece to be most enhancing. Please feel free to come with your favorite hat or fascinator(s).

Darlene Hartman gave us information about the March program, Spring Community Service. We will fill some nice containers with succulent plants which then will be delivered to the VA hospital. Ingeborg gave the gardeners a list of what needs to be done this time of year in the garden.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the February meeting. Please bring a guest or two.

ó Ingeborg McGlynn

    (all events are held at the clubhouse unless noted otherwise)
Monday, February 3    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time
11:30 AM     Meeting Ė Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Eva Monroe
Monday, February 17    General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social
01:30 PM     Meeting and Program: "Mission Joy: The Hats of Kathleen Kelley"
    Chaired by Yen Bachmeier. Afternoon Tea to follow.
    FREE to members. Guest fee is $5.00 per person.
    RSVP to Yen (415-260-5512) or or email her at


Upcoming Events
March 16 - Spring Community Service: Succulent Planting. - Chaired by Darlene Hartman
April 20 - Architecture in Forest Hill - Chaired by Dena Aslanian-Williams

In Memoriam
We are deeply saddened to report that Bob Wong, beloved husband of member Lonnie Wong, passed away on January 10.

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