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Our Monday, April 17, 2023 general meeting was an outstanding success. Eva Monroe was the chair of this event, “Sargent and Spain”, and it was presented by FAMSF docent Carol Porter. It was a very interesting and informative presentation about the life of John Singer Sargent and his time in Spain. A follow up visit to the Legion of Honor to see the paintings, is called for.

The beautiful floral arrangements gracing our clubhouse, were made by Eva. The tea table was definitely set for a high tea, thank you Eva Monroe, Anna Bolechowski and Nancy Hagosian. Many thanks go to the supporting refreshment team of Kathleen Fong, Amy Quirk, Ann Rieger-Matthews, Claudia Belshaw, Kimberley Kruse and Eva Monroe. The setting-up of the clubhouse was done by Anna Bolechowski, Nancy Hagosian and Mike Monroe. Mike was again engaged with the removal of the chairs at the end of the program with help from Eve Wertsch, Zaia Vera, Anna Bolechowski and Nancy Hagosian. Thank you all.

A short business meeting preceded the program. Yen Bachmeier, financial secretary, reported two more new members joined the garden club. Chair of the Nominating Committee, Zaia Vera, gave us a list of the new slate of board members and directors for the coming year. A great job was done by the committee and our thanks go to all of you who intend to serve the garden club next year.

The horticulture chair Ingeborg McGlynn, gave a gardening report for April/May and in expectation of partaking in the bounty displayed on the tea table, we knew we had a way to work off at least a few calories. Photos of this event can be viewed here.

Our May program will be the traditional Strawberry Social, followed by the election and installation of the new board and directors. Don't forget to wear your favorite tea party hat!

Looking forward to seeing you in May, stay safe and healthy,

Ingeborg McGlynn

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, May 1     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Zaia Vera
12:00 AM     President’s Luncheon, hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn
Monday, May 15     General meeting
    Officers Election & Installation
    Chaired by Kathleen Fong
    RSVP: Kathleen at 415-465-2601 or email her at by May 8
Monday, June 5     New Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Planning Workshop for FY 2023-2024
    Hosted by Ann Rieger-Matthews

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