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As anticipated, our April 19th program chaired by Dena Aslanian-Williams, was a big success. From Maybeck to Morrow to Modernism, various architectural styles in Forest Hills, presented by architect James Dixon, was an educational, eye opening walk through our beautiful neighborhood. We learned about the incredible variety of styles our homes were built in. A large number of guests joint the zoom program and it is clear that perhaps next year we will have to have James back for another lecture tour through Forest Hills. Thank you Dena for organizing this program.

Our big thanks go to Nancy Broden, zoom manager, who did a couple of dress rehearsals to insure the smooth running of the program and Yen Bachmeier our webmaster, who connected members and guests.

Kathe Farrell our parliamentarian, got the new slate of officers voted in for the 2021/22 year. The installation of the new officers will take place at our May general meeting.

Via our FHA liaison Kathe Farrell, we got the good news that we can use the clubhouse in May. Unfortunately, attendance is limited to 20 persons. Prerequisite, all attendees need to have received both vaccines.

Kathleen Fong and co-chair Laura Outsen will be in charge of the Strawberry Social. Anna Bolechowski will need help setting up the tables. Weather permitting we will have a couple of small tables in the garden.

I really hope you enjoyed the variety of programs the garden club offered throughout this difficult time of isolation. Now let’s look forward to a very sweet ending of this year’s garden club activities in May.

Ingeborg McGlynn

Monday, May 3     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn and Nancy Broden
Monday, May 17     General meeting
01:00 PM     General Membership Meeting
        Installation of Officers
01:30 PM     Strawberry Social
Co-Chaired by Chaired by Kathleen Fong and Laura Outsen


Upcoming event:
We celebrate a significant birthday of one of our Club’s centenarian members in May:
Maxine Dickson’s 102nd on May 13!
Please join us to wish Maxine lots of love, happiness, laughter and joy.

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