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According to the CDC the U.S. is much later than the rest of the world in giving vital information and instructions to protect ourselves from this unprecedented virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIAID said in a recent testimony to Congress, because of a lack of testing and government control, unlike European countries, the U.S. health care system is not equipped to handle the present pandemic.

My son George, who lives in Austria but works in Munich, Germany, said that these countries borders have been blocked. As of March 15th only in an emergency are people allowed to leave their homes in Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In Austria the fine is 2500 Euros if you are on the street without an emergency. The police and army are patrolling the streets.

Elderly people are the most vulnerable group. There is a guidance for seniors from the CDC published by CNN. Click here to view/print and use it as a tip sheet to remind you of the Do's and Don'ts which can save lives. Watch for updates as new information come in hourly at the CDC website.

A few precautions that you can take. Cancel all social engagements. Avoid going shopping, have your groceries delivered if possible. If you have handy wipes, wipe the delivered groceries. Should you meet someone, keep a distance of six to 10 feet. If you have to go out to shop, wear gloves, and donít touch your face. Wash your hands with soap and water which is more effective than Handy wipes. Cough or sneeze go into your elbow.

The Garden Club is cancelling the April Board meeting AND the April General Meeting on Architecture in Forest Hills. The start of our Always Active Exercise Class with Ann Rieger-Mathew is postponed until futher notice.

I sincerely hope we can all abide by these precautions for the next few weeks. I intend to work in my garden on a regular basis and hope you too will find a little outlet doing the same. Letís stay in touch via email and phone. I will respond to all who write and call.

Stay safe and healthy,

ó Ingeborg McGlynn

In spite of all the gloom and doom caused by COVID-19, we do have good news!
The Nominating Committee has been hard at work and is pleased to post
the slate of nominated officers for the Club's fiscal year 2020-2021:

President:    Ingeborg McGlynn    
Vice-President:     Kathleen Fong    
Treasurer:     Marcia Elias    
Recording Secretary:    Darlene Hartman    
Financial Secretary:    Yen Bachmeier    
Corresponding Secretary:     Laura Outsen    
Auditor:     Marica Salma    
Parliamentarian:     Kathe Farrell    
Directors:     Dena Aslanian-Williams, Louise Bacigalupi, Anna Bolechowski, Nancy Broden and Eva Monroe    
    The election of officers will be done electronically via email or by by telephone.
Please click here to email your vote ("yes" or "no") or call Yen Bachmeier (415-260-5512) if you don't
use email, by April 15. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this difficult time.

Thank you everyone!    


Upcoming Event

May 18 - Strawberry Social - Chaired by Darlene Hartman - Status Pending. Stay tuned for updates.

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