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We had a big turn-out and an appreciative response by the garden club members to the presentation by artist Thalia Stratton. A dry and finished painting was raffled off.

Chair Yen Bachmeier had a big supporting team to help. Ann Rieger-Matthews, Laura Outsen, Marcia Elias, Nancy Broden, Kathleen Fong and Ingeborg McGlynn. Louise Bacigalupi collected guest fees, Eva Monroe decorated the front table, received guests with Dena Aslanian-Williams and with Darlene Hartman and Laura Outsen, they were the tea pourers. A BIG THANK to all!

The Book-Fest is our November program. Bookshop West Portal will bring lots of titles for all reading tastes and ages. A short information about the books will be given by Susan Tunis and owner Neil Sofman. Members will be able to purchase books at a 20% discount, perfect timing to acquire some books as gifts for the Holidays. I will need assistance with the refreshments. Your help is greatly appreciated. We also raise funds at the November meeting for the San Francisco/Marin Food Bank to extend help for those in need, especially for the Holidays. If you can, please bring a check.

Looking forward to see you at the Book Fest on November 18, at 1:00PM.

Ingeborg McGlynn

Monday, November 4    Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Coffee Time Hosted by Kathe Farrell at the clubhouse
11:30 AM     Meeting Board and Standing Committee Chairs
Monday, November 18     General Meeting
01:00 PM     Social & Meeting
01:30 PM     Program: Fall Community Service - Book-fest & Food Drive
    Susan Tunis and Neal Sofman - See attached flyer for details.
    Chaired by Ingeborg McGlynn and Toni Buckley.
    Refreshments to follow.


New Members
A warm welcome to our newest members: Nancy Broden (Dewey Blvd), Judith Chi (Ventura), Cynthia Ho (Magellan), Jill Petersen (Magellan) and Ellen Finnegan (Magellan).

Membership Roster
If you have paid your dues, you can pick up your own copy of the Club's membership roster booklet at our next general meeting.

Up-coming Events
December 2 - Holiday Dinner Party. See attached Xmas flyer for details.
January 20 - Women's Health

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