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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Our January 2022 program, chaired by Yen Bachmeier, was a very informative and interesting history lesson about our Old San Francisco Mint, a structure built 1869 and completed in 1874. The presenter was Civil Engineer Robert Bailey, who gave us a lot of information about shipbuilding, new materials and technological innovations used and employed in the construction of the Mint. The cement had to be imported from the East Coast via ships, as at that time the California cement was considered inferior. The Granite Lady, as the Mint was called, was the first earthquake resistant structure ever built. We saw many slides, photographs and architectural maps from the time of the construction. We even heard about a possible threat of a civil war. Photos of this event can be viewed here.

And as could be expected, the members were ready for a beautifully set refreshment table at the conclusion of the program. Thank you Yen and your team of Laura Outsen, Marcia Elias and Ingeborg McGlynn. As always, the clubhouse was nicely decorated with flowers by Nancy Hagosian and Anna Bolechowski. Thank you both for your dedication. Yen and husband Mel set out the chairs for the program which the clean-up crew put back into the closet after the event. Thank you for helping Lina Pritchard, Laura Outsen, Anna and Ingeborg.

My thanks go to Yen for giving a little report on the Holiday party. Unfortunately our December event chair, Nancy Broden, was unable to be at the meeting. Our horticulture chair, Ingeborg, gave an extensive to-do list for January/February in our garden.

Looking ahead to our February meeting. The program will be presented by author Anne Evers Hitz and the talk and slide show will be on her book THE LOST DEPARTMENT STORES OF SAN FRANCISCO. We all remember, it was the time of our youth, J.Magnin, I.Magnin, Emporium, the White House and all the rest, which have closed over time. It should be a very entertaining hour and of course it will be followed by a special tea. We will be able to buy a signed copy for $20, that includes tax and I could well imagine it to be a great gift for a birthday, hostess gift or one book for yourself to reminisce.

I hope to see you in February, stay healthy and safe,

Ingeborg McGlynn

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, February 7     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Eva Monroe
Monday, February 21     General meeting
    Take a walk down memory lane with
author Anne Evers Hitz, presenter.
    Co-Chaired by Yen Bachmeier and Ingeborg McGlynn
    Refreshments will be served.

Upcoming event:
March 21st – “The Hateful Eight: the True Causes of Aging”
, presented by Forest Hill neighbor and internationally renowned pediatric endocrinologist Robert H. Lustig M.D., M.S.L.

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