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As anticipated, our February program THE LOST DEPARTMENT STORES OF SAN FRANCISCO, was a big success. The event was chaired by Yen Bachmeier and Ingeborg McGlynn (who was there in spirit). Thank you Yen for introducing our presenter, Ann Evers Hitz. She talked about the colorful personalities who created the six major stores which defined shopping in San Francisco, and the slideshow accompanying her talk was enjoyed by the big turn-out of members and their guests.

Our decorator in chief, Eva Monroe and her team, Yen Bachmeier, Marcia Elias, Saundra McCormick and Laura Outsen, put on a beautiful display showing memorabilia of a bygone era. Thank you all. Lovely flower arrangements graced the refreshment table and the entrance created by Nancy Hagosian and Anna Bolechowski. As always, my big thanks to you.

One of the big attractions after an event is the refreshment table. Marcia Elias was in charge and her team of Laura Outsen and Nancy Broden were all working hard to make it very special.
To pick up two large Blum’s Crunch cakes in Japan Town, a chauffeur was needed and Marcia's husband Mark Elias was drafted. Thank you all for a great job well done. Diane Wara was the winner of the round Crunch cake auction, a sweet gift for her husband Bill. The proceeds helped defray the refreshments cost. Thank you, Diane.

Photos of this event can be viewed here.

Every event is a group effort and I would like to invite you to let me know if you can assist with some of the work we need to do to prepare for a program.

Looking ahead to our March event, Dr. Robert Lustig, a Forest Hill neighbor and renowned pediatric endocrinologist, will give a lecture on “THE HATEFUL EIGHT: THE TRUE CAUSES OF AGING”. It promises to be engaging and educational as we will learn how metabolic syndromes are diseases of aging.

The Nominating Committee has been formed. The members are: Louis Bacigalupi, Donna Earhart, Marcia Elias, Nancy Hagosian and Lena Pritchard. At the March meeting, the Committee will present to the membership a new slate of officers to be elected to serve in the next fiscal year.

Until the next meeting, stay healthy and safe.

Ingeborg McGlynn

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, March 7     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Darlene Hartman
Monday, March 21     General meeting
    Robert Lustig, M.D., M.S.L., author
    Professor emeritus of UCSF Division of Endocrinology
    Chaired by Marcia Elias
    Refreshments will be served.


Upcoming event:
April 18 – FAMSF Docent presentation: GUO PEI: COUTURE FANTASY
, Legion of Honor.
This will be a resplendent celebration and a journey into the imaginative world of Guo Pei, China’s first and preeminent couturier, and one of the world’s most innovative fashion designers. She has astonished fashion audiences from Beijing to Paris for over 20 years and made headlines in the U.S. as the designer of Rihanna’s trailing yellow gown at the 2015 Met Gala.

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