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With spring just around the corner, our March 15th program at the Garden club, "Behind the Scene at Bouquet to Arts", was perfect timing. Big thanks go to Eva Monroe, our chair, bringing Maureen Fox, docent from the Fine Arts Museum to guide us through the preparations for the exhibit. Maureen did a wonderful job pointing out what the exhibitors went through from selecting a painting, to shopping for flowers, to trying to duplicate or show resemblance of the painting via flowers. It was fascinating to see the finished products and very entertaining.

Our big thanks go to Nancy Broden, zoom manager and Yen Bachmeier, our webmaster who kept us and a number of guests connected to the program.

Our March Community Service chaired by Sima Talai with Dottie McHugh, who sewed 80 bags with different colorful material and pillow cases, together with useful items donated by members from the Garden Club, filled the bags. Money donations were used to buy additional needed items to fill the bags. Great joy was brought on behalf of the garden club to the young women in the Star Bound program on Mission Street. Thank you Sima and thank you Dottie and thanks to all the garden club members who donated to the project. We definitely brought a ray of light and happiness into the lives of these young women.

We are looking toward our April program titled "Maybeck to Morrow to Modernism, Forest Hill's Architectural Styles", chaired by Dena Aslanian-Williams. Award-winning architect James Dixon has curated a slideshow presentation of homes in our neighborhood with its diverse architecture. It should be a fascinating program. We can again invite guests to this program.

Stay healthy and safe, get your vaccine, have a happy spring,

Ingeborg McGlynn

    MEETING AND EVENT (via Zoom) 
    (Zoom link will be sent via email) 
Monday, April 5     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn and Nancy Broden
Monday, April 19     General meeting
01:00 PM     General Membership Meeting
        Election of Officers
01:30 PM     Program: "Maybeck to Morrow to Modernism: Forest Hill's Architectural Styles"
Did you know that in addition to three buildings by Bernard Maybeck, Forest Hill also
has a home that is a registered San Francisco landmark designed by the architect for
the GoldenGate Bridge, Irving Morrow?
Find out more at our Zoom talk presented by architect James Dixon.
Chaired by Dena Aslanian-Williams


Upcoming event:
5/17/21 - The installation of officers to serve in FY 2021-22 is scheduled to take place in May.
There is a chance we might be able to return to the Clubhouse for our Strawberry Social.
Stay tuned for the May announcement.

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