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The weather on Monday, February 15th, was perfect for a visit to the museum via zoom. IT RAINED. Our program that day, organized and chaired by Eva Monroe, the “Last Supper in Pompeii”, was just fascinating. The presenter Carol Porter, did a superb job not only showing us via many slides of art works, frescoes, maps and photos daily activities of people living in Pompeii. The imminent threat of an active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, was not known to the people. Carol's running commentary showed her knowledge and insight into the life and times of 79 AD. She ended the program with a video showing the incredible destruction by the eruption of the volcano, the pyroclastic clouds and spewing of lava and debris over the whole town. It was memorable.

Post meeting, Carol shared a book from the Getty Museum “Garden of the Roman World”.
You can click here to view it online or download a PDF copy. If you are still curious about the ancient Roman life and their food, Nancy Broden came across The Classical Cookbook available from the British Museum's shop. Very interesting.

Our big thanks now go to our two facilitators, zoom manager Nancy Broden and webmaster Yen Bachmeier, whose combined talents kept the members and guests connected to the program. A little visit with our garden club friends at the end of the program topped off a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon.

The March program for our Garden Club will be "Behind the Scene at Bouquet to Arts". It will be chaired by Eva Monroe. Guests will again be welcomed to that program.

The Spring Community Service program, chaired by Sima Talai. This year’s charity is StarBound on Mission Street. Starbound’s mission is to empower women who are experiencing homelessness, and/or on probation, parole or experiencing domestic violence by providing them with the life skills, services, and resources they need to help them transition into living a fulfilling and thriving life. We encourage members to contribute so we could fill 50 midsize gift bags with daily useful items such as toiletries, scarves, socks, hats, or MONEY, please contact Sima (415-310-6483) by February 28th.

The nominating committee, Darlene Hartman, Anna Bolechowski, Teresa Callan, Clorinda Aldrich, and Saundra McCormick chaired by Darlene Hartman have recommended the following slate of officers for 2021-2022.

Ingeborg McGlynn
Vice President
Kathleen Fong
Marcia Elias
Financial Secretary
Yen Bachmeier
Recording Secretary
Darlene Hartman
        Corresponding Secretary
Kari Rocca
Marica Salma

Louise Baciagalupi                 
Anna Bolechowski
Nancy Broden
Saundra McCormick
Eva Monroe

Please join us at the April 19th meeting to vote for their recommendations. Officer installations will be in May.

Stay safe, get your vaccine, and exercise in your garden. Hope to see you soon,

Ingeborg McGlynn

    MEETING AND EVENT (via Zoom) 
    (Zoom meeting ID will be sent via email) 
Monday, March 1     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn and Nancy Broden
Monday, March 15     General meeting
01:00 PM     Meeting - General Membership and Spring Community Service
01:30 PM     Program: “Behind the Scene at Bouquet to Arts” – Maureen Fox, FAMSF docent
       Chaired by Eva Monroe


We celebrate a significant birthday of one of our Club’s centenarian members in March:
Shirley Donahue turns 101st on March 27!
We send Shirley lots of love, happiness, laughter and joy.

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