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Even the weather was perfect for the start of our new 2020/21 Season at the forest Hill Garden Club. Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to change our traditional sit down lunch and decided to replace it with a box lunch.

Dena Aslanian-Williams made an excellent chicken salad which was sitting on top of lettuce and was decorated with cherry tomatoes. Anna Bolechowski hunted down brioche rolls, all were sold out, Ingeborg McGlynn took care of the sweet tooth with the dessert, Eva Monroe got the boxes for lunch. Laura Outsen had a card for all of our 22 recipients and a fresh rose cut that morning in Ingeborg's garden, decorated each box. Yen Bachmeier and Kathe Farrell joined Anna and Ingeborg to prepare the box lunches and at noon the delivery team arrived. Kathe was joined by Darlene Hartman and daughter Amy, Eva and Dottie McHugh. All lunches were in the home of our happy members by 12:30PM. Thank you to all my helpers, you are an incredible team.
You can view a few snapshots of the event here.

A special event took place in Forest Hill in March, long time member Shirley Donahue celebrated her 100th birthday. Congratulations from all of us to Shirley on that monumental milestone and best wishes for continued good health and happiness!

There will be no general meeting in October, but we are looking forward to a Zoom book-fest with Bookshop West Portal for our November 16th meeting. We are also working on ideas regarding the Holiday Season and I will let you know what transpired in the November bulletin.

Cut dahlia foliage down to 4" and remove cleaned tubers for winter. October is the last month to fertilize your garden, dormant season begins and will last till February. Prevent overwintering of unwanted bugs by cleaning up leaves and debris. Remember, working in your garden is exercise and very important to maintain good health.

Take care, stay safe and keep in touch,
Ingeborg McGlynn

Monday, October 5th     Board Meeting (Online via Zoom)
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Ingeborg McGlynn and Nancy Broden

Membership Renewal Reminder
Many thanks to those who have sent in your membership dues. If you havenít done so, please fill out the renewal form sent to you in September and drop it off or mail it with your dues of $50 to Yen Bachmeier at 240 Montalvo Ave. Your membership dues are crucial in supporting and sustaining the Clubís continuance.

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