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The rain in the forecast for Monday September 19, 2022, turned into beautiful weather to start our year 93 at the Forest Hill Garden Club. It was a joy to see friends and neighbors and to welcome four new members at our traditional chicken salad luncheon. One of our director's, Kathleen Fong, made the salad and Yen Bachmeier produced a wonderful sponge cake dessert. The workers setting the tables, Marcia Elias and Laura Outsen also helped serve the luncheon and were joined by Lina Pritchard, Clorinda Aldrich and Zaia Vera. Anna Bolechowski was busy helping in the kitchen and as always, Nancy Hagosian made bouquets for the entrance and centerpieces for the tables. Thank you all for helping and a big thanks goes to the girl scouts and leader Erin (McHugh) Shaw for placing tables and chairs out and removing them in the afternoon. Kathleen Fong received the big bouquet from the entrance table as a Thank You from all of us.

Yen gave a preview of our upcoming October event featuring Kathleen Kelley on the Art of Wearing Fascinators. This program in 2020, was a big success. Please bring your friends, guest fee is now $10 per person which helps cover our expenses and of course every program is followed by a lovely tea.

It was in March while driving Louise Bacigalupi to the board meeting that Ingeborg was asked when her birthday was. Well, six month later, what an unexpected surprise it was when a beautifully decorated birthday cake, a lovely orchid garden arrangement and a birthday card signed by all attending the luncheon, was given to the unsuspecting recipient, who had refused all her life to celebrate that big day. Thank you Yen and Louise for being the driving force behind that big surprise.

After the luncheon and dessert a little exercise was needed. Ingeborg's gardening list and tips gave us some options.

Stay healthy and safe, see you all in October.

Ingeborg McGlynn

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, October 3     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
    Hosted by Anna Bolechowski and Clorinda Aldrich
Monday, October 17     General meeting
1:00 PM     Mission Joy, the Sequel: the Hats of Kathleen Kelley.
    Presented by artisan Kathleen Kelley
    Chaired by Yen Bachmeier
    RSVP: Yen (415) 260-5512 or by Oct. 14th.
    Do bring your friends. Guest fee is $10 per person.
    Refreshments will be served.

Sunday, December 4th - Holiday Dinner Party. More info coming soon.

Membership Renewal:
Many thanks to those who have sent in your membership dues. If you havenít done so, please drop off or mail in your dues of $50 to Yen Bachmeier at 240 Montalvo Ave ASAP to make the deadline for the Roster. Thank you!

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