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Happy New Year!

We had a fabulous December with three social events hosted at the Forest Hill Clubhouse. Wreath Making Day had about 70 people who attended and was open to the neighborhood. Thank you to Erin Zerega for hosting an amazing event, bringing food, buying supplies, setting up, going to get greens and a tree, a trip to the Flower Mart, and for managing the whole day. Thank you, Eva, for helping with the Flower Mart. Thanks to Amy Hartman for bringing holly to add to the greens. Ingeborg McGlynn for hosting the food and bringing cake and cookies to feed the hungry crowd. Many thanks to Stan Puck and Claudia Belshaw for helping with cleanup including mopping floors the following day to get ready for the Holiday Party.

“Come to Life with the Nutcracker”, was the theme for our Holiday Party. Many thanks go to Kimberly Kruse, for hosting the fantastic evening. She worked many hours to coordinate every detail for a beautiful event. We had a piano player who played for the event and Knights catering provided a festive meal. Thank you to Mel Bachmeier for providing a bartender and extra wine. Thank you to Kathleen Fong for her special brandied cherries for an exceptional drink enhancement. A big thank you to everyone who setup for the event: Claudia Belshaw, Stan Puck, Ingeborg McGlynn, Dottie McHugh, Amy Hartman, Nancy Hagosian, Kimberly Kruse, Kathe Farrell, and Tom Matthews. A special thanks to Kathleen Fong and Doug Fong for providing a lovely lunch for those who were helping to clean and setup for the party.

Our last event for December was the Creativity Fair co-sponsored with the Forest Hill Association. Gingerbread houses and a craft sale were included in this event. Thank you to Erin Zerega, Ingeborg McGlynn, Amy Hartman, Darlene Hartman, Saundra McCormick, and Zaia Vera, for contributions to sell at the fair. Thank you to Yen Bachmeier who brought poinsettias as gifts for new FHCG members. We had some additional sales that came in after the event. We raised $1,500. to help pay for a needed website upgrade.

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, and successful 2024.

Ann Rieger-Matthews

    Meetings at the Clubhouse 
Monday, January 8     Board Meeting
11:00 AM     Meeting - Board and Standing Committee Chairs
Monday, January 22     General meeting
1:00 PM     Architectural Tour of Forest Hill (Part 2)
      Presented by architect James Dixon
    Chaired by Dena Aslanian-Williams
    Bring your friends. Guest fee is $10 per person.
    Refreshments Chaired by Ingeborg McGlynn and Marcia Elias


Mark Elias (April 29, 1932 - Dec. 9, 2023)

Friday, Feb. 9, 2024: Winter Soiree: An Evening of Local Wines and Delectable Treats
Monday, Feb. 19, 2024: Program To Be Determined

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